How to Enable coin control features in MinexWallet

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How to Enable coin control features in MinexWallet

Post by jenlex13 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:18 pm

Below is the step to enable coin control features in minexbank to see all of the MNX address with their current balance.

Follow this steps If you're balance in your MinexWallet is not the same in your Minexbank account.

  • open you MinexWallet
  • click settings
  • click options
  • click the wallet tab
  • tick enable coin features then click OK

Now go to Send then you will see a new option name "coin control features" now click "Inputs" below and you will see all your address with their current balance..


Now you can select which wallet address you will use if you will Send MNX..
If you have a problem with your minexbank balance, Most likely you will see multiple addresses on the "Inputs"
You can just click all of the address except your minexbank address.
Then send all the total MNX to your Minexbank Address.
Accepting MNX donations.
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